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Action Rhymes and Fingerplays
Each fingerplay comes complete with teaching tips.

Dinosaur Fingerplays
Dinosaurs are a big hit with kids. Peek their interest with these cute fingerplays.

A few simple fingerplays for toddlers.

Fingerplays Fun
Suzie's Place has a some great fingerplays to teach your children.

Fingerplays Galore
Fingerplays for math, seasonal and general fun.

Fingerplays Index
A few fun and common fingerplays for kids.

Fingerplays Plus
From the National Network For Child Care. A good selection of fingerplays.

Preschool Fingerplays
Nice and colorful layout. A few simple fingerplays.

Rhymes and Fingerplays
A fairly large collection of simple and fun fingerplays.

My Favorite Fingerplays
A small list of simple and fun fingerplays for toddlers.

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