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What is a volunteer?
Who volunteers?
When do we volunteer?
Why do people volunteer?
How do I volunteer?
Volunteer at the club!

What is a volunteer?

An individual or group of people who preforms or offers and gives his/her services freely; without expecting payment or trade. Most volunteers donate their time or skills.

Who volunteers?

Anyone can be a volunteer. Volunteers range in age from the young to the old. They are from every class of people and every culture. Volunteers are every color of the rainbow.

When do we volunteer?

When you volunteer depends on the nature of the services you provide. You may volunteer during certain hours, days, holidays or occassions.

Why do people volunteer?

Everyone has their own personal reasons for volunteering. Some reasons are...

  • Getting involved with the community
  • Learning something new
  • Making new friends
  • Personal rewards. i.e. Feeling good about yourself
  • Having fun
  • Spending time together as a family

How do I Volunteer?

First, you need to talk to your parents about your desire to be a volunteer. Your parents can help you decide where you should volunteer based on the hours/days you are available and volunteer opportunities in your community.

Here are some examples of ways you can volunteer...

  • Preparing or plating food at the local soup kitchen
  • Handing out food and water to people in the hospital
  • Cleaning up your neighborhood
  • Cutting the grass and/or shovelling snow for a sick or elderly person
  • Visiting a sick or elderly person
  • Walking, feeding or cleaning pets at your local pet shelter
  • Reading to the elderly or very young.
  • Reading and playing games with kids in the hospital
  • Cleaning the toys or bathrooms in private rooms at the hospital
  • Participate in a coupon, clothing or food drive
  • Tutor kids who need extra help with school work
  • Help coach a little league team

Volunteer at The Youth Online Club

The Youth Online Club (YOC) is owned and operated by Shauna Lee De Feyter. A lot of time and energy are donate by her to this site. Because of this, the club has grown substantially.

It is becoming an increasing difficult task to keep up with updates, adding new pages, monitoring the forum and chats, running contests, designing new "play" areas, etc... Therefore, YOC is looking for dependable volunteers from every age who have moderate to advanced knowledge of the Internet, HTML, shockwave, chat, Delphi forums, kids issues, crafts and recipes.

Volunteer positions available...

  • Crafts teacher (2 positions)
  • Recipe teacher (2 positions)
  • Kids Art designer (3 positions)
  • Links Miner (4 positions)
  • Cartoonist (2 positions)
  • Shockwave designer (1 position)
  • Java script writter (1 position)

If you are interested in volunteering at YOC, please email Shauna at shaunadf@shaw.ca with "Volunteer" in the subject line. Please provide the following information:

  • What position you want to fill
  • Personal experience that will help with this position
  • What days/hours you can volunteer
  • Your email address
  • URL's of any pages you own
  • Acknowledgement that this is not a paid job

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