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1. Locks Of Love - A lot of people go to the hair dresser and try out new hair-do's for Christmas. If you have long hair, consider cutting your hair short for a change and donating your hair to Locks Of Love which makes wigs for kids who do not have any hair due to illness. Your hair will grow back and this is one of the most selfless gifts you can give to another person.

2. Name That Holiday Character - Play a charade game with family and friends. Act out holiday characters like Scrooge, Snoopy, Rudolph, Santa, Grinch, etc and see if people can guess who you are!

3. The Grinch - Gather your family and friends around and watch The Grinch That Stole Christmas. You can choose between the cartoon or Jim Carrey version. Wny not watch both!

4. Donate Old Toys - Gather all your old toys you don't use anymore that are in good condition and give them to good cheer. Let someone else love them too.

5. Appreciate Community Workers - Call your local police, fire and ambulance departments and find out when your family and friends can pay them a holiday visit. Bake some goodies and make a card for the people who keep you safe and secure. Don't forget hospital and 911 staff!!

6. Santa Parade - Find out when your community Santa Parade is and pack up your family and friends to go watch. Bring lawn chairs, blankets, hot chocolate or cider and popcorn. If your community does not have a parade don't worry; the Santa Parade is always on TV!

7. Fireplace Safety - Use flame resistant rugs and fire screens in front of fireplaces. Never use lighter fluid or other flammable fluids to start the fire. Extinguish the fire before retiring to bed.

8. Gift Baskets - Making your own Christmas baskets is easier than you think! Throughout the year collect baskets of all shapes and sizes. Collect a "theme" of things to put in the baskets according to the person's interests (sports, dance, pokemon, horses, etc).

9. Home Movies - Get the family together and watch home movies of Christmas past. This is a great way to remember the people who are no longer with you and to celebrate the ones that are.

10. Dripless Candles - Freeze your candles before inserting them into the candle holders, you'll eliminate wax drippings.

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